Race #1: Dan “Nitro” Clark’s Gladiator Rock’n Run 5K Obstacle Race!

What a perfect race to start my blogging adventure with!

Today I ran the Dan “Nitro” Clark’s Gladiator Rock’n Run 5K Obstacle Race at the Anaheim Angel Stadium and let’s just say it did not disappoint, especially for a first timer to this series!

The atmosphere was friendly, energetic, and overall quite exciting. It was no Spartan, but a great starter obstacle run for anyone looking into trying the whole obstacle racing experience.

According to the Gladiator Rock’n Run website their runs are a “Fire leaping, Mud Slinging, Spandex Clinging, run from Hell with beer that challenges participants to have the most insane day of their life – as they run, crawl, jump and slither their way across 5 kilometers of obstacle laden terrain.”

I can definitely attest to the accuracy of “Mud Slinging” portion of this description. It was a real blast!

30728654_10101720875773250_8448996893744168960_n(Side note: Their shower system, run by the Organic Dr. Bronner Company was amazing and an experiences on its own, if you haven’t experienced their work already at other races already…I wish I could describe it some more, but it’s beyond words.)

I also have to add that a portion of every sale went to wounded vets through their partnering company, The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes, which made the whole experience that much more worth it.

If you are thinking about trying an obstacle race for the first time, give this series a try and sign-up for your first race:


Until the next entry, remember to never give up and push yourselves each and every day.

-Daniel E. Lopez

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