Training For Runs

I know it sounds easy, but training for runs isn’t as simple as people would think. It really all depends on the type of runs you’re working towards accomplishing.

Take a 5K for example, you could get away with running a bit here and there, possibly doing a few leg days at the gym, but a Half-Marathon or a Full for that matter takes much more training and consistency. Training for a Half for me is a series of build ups; running about 2 miles on short days and building up to 6-9 mile runs, but also remembering to take at least one or two days off during the week to let your body rest. You can’t be going 110% all the time, at least not if you want to your to be fully functional and not falling apart.

Currently I’m training for another upcoming Spartan, which is in less than 2 weeks at the Los Angeles Dodger Stadium ( Now for an obstacle race like a Spartan, it takes more than just running, it takes some upper body training and one of my favorites, some rock climbing!

Based off of what I’ve experienced in previous runs I’ve come up with my own training regimens, that consist of weight training and some bouldering at the local gym, Sanctuary Rock Climbing, located in Sand City, CA (

Today, I ran 2.5 miles and did my own personal workout, THE GLADIATOR! Now I just created this one about a month ago, but so far I’ve been enjoying it, and it seems to be working out my arms perfectly for all the obstacle races I’ve been doing lately.


I will continue to be doing THE GLADIATOR for the next few weeks, but I will also be establishing other workouts as well, to get a more well-rounded full body balance.

Currently, for the 2018 year, I have at least 8 obstacle races (4 Spartans, 2 Terrain Racing Events, 1 Rugged Maniac, and 1 Tough Mudder) coming up and a 5K + Half-Marathon duo in Monterey as part of a back to back series known as The Ocean View Challenge, which I extremely recommend if you’re interested in completing a Half-Marathon ( This is by far the most beautiful, relaxing runs that I’ve ever run and I will continue to run for the foreseeable future.

Well I would love to keep ranting about running and working out, but I also need to save some for the next post, so until then, remember to keep pushing yourself each and every day!

-Daniel E. Lopez

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