Race: Spartan Sprint at Dodger Stadium!

Today I ran another obstacle Race, the Spartan Sprint at Dodger Stadium and it rocked! I have never done a Spartan Sprint, instead I just skipped right to their Supers, but I would have to say they are just as challenging.

The Spartan Sprint was not as draining as a Super, but I did enjoy the differences. The Sprint, at least the Stadium Sprint, is more like a workout, rather than grueling terrain challenges, but both are equally as enjoyable and once again, challenging.

My favorite/most difficult experience during the whole race had to be the ASSAULT BIKE, where we were suppose to burn 15 calories as fast as we could! Most people took their time, but I pedaled my butt off and was pretty exhausted afterwards. However, I then ran to what I love most about these races, the climbing portion, where I had to swing from ring to ring and then grab onto hanging baseballs to ring a bell, then keep running. (One thing to note that makes the Sprint different than the Super, obstacle-wise, is that the obstacles are a bit closer and often times back to back, which is pretty neat if you’re into that sort of thing.)

I do have to add, that today, because a family member could not attend and do it herself, I ran for a group of special needs kids through the IRun4Buddies group (https://www.whoirun4.com), which I will soon be signing up for.


Basically, I ran and represented 4 individuals and picked up medals to send back to them, to let them know that someone is out there running in their honor. It was a really rewarding experience and next time, I’ll be doing it for my own buddies.


Well until the next entry, remember to never give up and push yourselves each and every day.

-Daniel E. Lopez

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