Race: Terrain Racing San Jose!

What a nice day to run a 5K twice! Not only did I complete Terrain Racing‘s San Jose course today in about 45 minutes, but I ran it a second time with a team of six students from the RSJ track team and they rocked it. They really worked together and tackled obstacles that they normally would not have been able to complete alone! It was simply wonderful.


Terrain Racing is by far my favorite obstacle race company for the price and challenge. As I recently mentioned to a friend, Terrain Racing is much like a Spartan, but not as intense; a Spartan is like the brand name product, while Terrain Racing is like Kirkland brand (Costco), both great quality, but not as equally prestigious.

The atmosphere is much more welcoming and less competitive, which makes it ideal for children and beginner runners, hence the middle school track team.

Additionally, their constantly evolving/changing medals are a sweet addition to any racers collection. I currently have 6 and will continue to race their events for more.


At this race, they brought back the Organic Dr. Bronner Company to work their awesome showering system that is like no other. You feel much cleaner after going through their foam showering system (if curious, you should look it up).


Well until the next entry, remember to never give up and push yourselves each and every day.

-Daniel E. Lopez


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