Race: Norcal Rugged Maniac!


Another obstacle course race down, and I have to say, this one was a lot of fun! It had a lot of inflatables, a ton of mud (much more than I was expecting), and the atmosphere was just overall excellent.

Before I even ran, I had some down time, so I played a few rounds of cornhole, jammed out to the music playing, and walked around and checked out the vendors.

I came home with a few cuts and bruises, but overall the course wasn’t a killer. It was a great combination of challenging and fun. I definitely flew from a few courses, fell, and even got mud in my eye, but all while laughing.

I would rank the Rugged Maniac Series somewhere up there with the Terrain Racing and Spartan Series; overall, all of theses are super enjoyable and challenging in their own way.

Rugged Maniac did however offer free bag check, which is nice, especially because I always pay $5-10 for it at other races.


I was disappointed that at the end that I couldn’t do their main attraction, the slide to the finish after a Ninja-Warrior-Like ramp wall, which I rocked by the way. Some knucklehead wasn’t thinking and decided to wear cleats to an obstacle race full of inflatables, so they popped it…but I will definitely be doing another one of these in the future, so there is still time.


Well now I train for the summer and come back in the Fall…for the biggest, most intense race yet, the Spartan BEAST in Tahoe! Along with other obstacle races, half-marathons, etc…but I’ll be posting the process, recommending a few virtual races, maybe doing a 5K or two, and even posting a few workouts.

Until the next entry, remember to never give up and push yourselves each and every day…be a warrior, and never quit.

-Daniel E. Lopez

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