Race: AT&T 5K Giant Race SF!

Another excellent race down! The AT&T Park 5K Giant Race was a great training run, as I get ready for my Spartan Beast at the end of the month!


Not only did I get a decent time on this race, but I ran it with one of my OCR racers, which made it that much more exciting. Together we pushed through and completed the run in 30 minutes and 31 seconds. That may not sound like an amazing race time, but considering it was the first time my racer had run more than a mile, I think we did pretty well! We had to slow down a few times to catch our breath, but I coached him through it and we now know what to work on for the next race (Rugged Maniac Sacramento).


The only thing I did not enjoy about this racing event was the packet pick-up. Like many other racers, I did not sign-up for this race multiple months back and unfortunately, because I signed-up about a month prior I was forced to go to their race expo event prior to the race date (there was no onsite pick-up the day of available). Now that would not normally be a problem, except I live about 2 hours away from the stadium, which caused a little bit of frustration. However, I was able to pick up the packet for my racer and myself at the same time, saving them some time and hassle, and I was also able to get hooked up by the Spartan booth representatives for the OCR Club!


The expo itself was not that bad, and it would have been a lot more enjoyable if I lived closer, but I was able to a hold of several goodies from the booths, so overall, not bad.

The race itself began around the O’Doul Gate entrance and worked its way around the stadium, with music blasting and people gathering/partying it up prior to race time. The course ran alongside the San Francisco Bay, which held amazing views of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, the water, and much more, then circled back to the stadium. The finish line ended inside the stadium where music was blasting and the party was roaring, as individuals were allowed to walk the stadium’s field and hang out. Waters were provided and vendors were open, selling everyone’s favorite ballpark foods!

Overall, this was an excellent race, and I may do it again next year, but only if I am able to have my bib shipped out in advance!

For now, I will continue to train from home, and as of recently, for the last several weeks, I will continue train with my OCR team, as well as the cross country team! I have been getting the best of both worlds lately as a coach, getting additional training, as well as giving students the opportunity to achieve greatness and have fun, outside of the classroom in a school environment! I see a bunch of exciting things coming our way for the club; new weight room equipment (recently donated through Donorschoose.org), new superhero workouts, upcoming races, and much, much more!

Until the next entry, remember to never give up and push yourselves each and every day!

-Daniel E. Lopez

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