Race: NorCal Tough Mudder!

After taking forever to get through the registration pickup line, I was finally able to start what turned out to be a pretty enjoyable run, but the whole getting in ordeal did put a damper on the whole experience. However, after the initial chaos that took over an hour, things began to pick up.

The Sonoma Raceway was a perfect venue for this type of run, with plenty of hills and obstacles to choose from; I just wish there were photographers capturing the experience like most races. I would have to add, that for a run with a title like this one, it completely lived up to the TOUGH MUDDER name, with plenty of mud crawls, water pits, and more! My favorite, however, would have to have been the Happy Endings wall climb where individuals had to work as a team and build a human ladder and climb up one another! I became the base for a large group of individuals for nearly 10 minutes, but it was difficult with only a little lip for my shoes to grip onto, but luckily I had individuals holding my feet as well.


The one thing the Tough Mudder had that most races do not, is plenty of obstacles where individuals had to work as a team to complete…even the most athletic individuals could not complete these obstacles without some help.


Another great obstacle was the new Block Ness Monster, where individuals have to help one another roll these heavy blocks floating in the water. This one is perfect for individuals who do not mind getting a little wet…well to be fair, the whole Tough Mudder run is a perfect race for individuals who do not mind getting crawling, swimming, and dunking through mud pits, water, and much more!


I would definitely recommend this run for athletes/individuals who just want to get out there to have fun and who are not worried about beating any timers.

Now that I have another race down, I must continue training for all the rest coming up! In two weeks, my OCR athletes and I will do the Sacramento Rugged Maniac, which they are extremely excited to do, especially since this will be the first one for most of them, and then the weekend after that we will be doing a Red Ribbon 5K in Hollister, California, which we are also excited to do…and then there is many more! Now I would hate to bore you to death with all those details, so this where I sign off!

Until the next entry, remember to never give up and push yourselves each and every day!

-Daniel E. Lopez

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