Races: Red Ribbon Run & The Pacific Grove Lighthouse 5K + More!

It has been a few weeks, but these past few weeks have been jam-packed with a ton of racing!

On October 27th, I ran the Red Ribbon Run 5K in Hollister, California, where I PRed on my 5K time, with a time of 22:28. In addition to running a good time, I also brought out many of my OCR racers, which placed in many of the age group placings.

The event was perfectly managed, cheap in price, and local, which made it easier for my racers to attend!


This past weekend on November 10th, I ran The Pacific Grove Lighthouse 5K, as part of the Ocean View Challenge, which was the 5K and Monterey Half-Marathon combined, but unfortunately, due to unseen incidents, the second event (on November 11th) had to be cancelled due to smokey air-quality from fires coming from up north, in California. Although, even though they cancelled the race, they still allowed runners to come collect their medals and participate in festivities, which many runners (including myself) took as an opportunity to run the 13.1 miles anyways (although, I ran 15+ miles, which was a bit more).

With all these races in the bag and many, many coming up, I have decided that I am ready to attempt my first-ever Full-Marathon, so now the search begins for the right one! (If you know of any great ones, let me know!)

Now that these are out of the way, we, the OCR team and I, can continue training for the many more upcoming events we have on our schedule (i.e. Spartans, Terrain Racing events, more 5K’s, and much, much more)!

Until the next entry, remember to never give up and push yourselves each and every day!

-Daniel E. Lopez


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