An Obstacle Racer’s Diet!

I was recently asked by my fellow coworkers, “why are you eating so many carbs?” to which I simply replied, “I need this for energy.” Explaining how carbo-loading works is not the most complex discussion, but when they add, “Where’s the protein?” then it becomes a more complex discussion about an obstacle racers diet. Now I am by no means a nutritionist or an expert, but my intake is definitely always on my mind.


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I tend to eat whatever I want, but much like when you use inferior gas in a vehicle’s tank, you notice the difference when out running or working out. An obstacle racer is not just a runner, they are much more than that, so they must carbo-load and build mass at the same time. Finding a balance is what it comes down to at the end (foodwise and exercise). I run and exercise often, so this balance is important for my body’s wellbeing.

When I am out there eating “junk,” my body will feel it in various ways. If I eat certain spiced foods, then I might get heartburn or a burning feeling from within my stomach, and the body can slow down from such effects. Whereas if I eat something heavy, I may feel sluggish and slow down as well. It all has its own effect, so you have to figure out when to eat and how to eat. However, your body will burn it all nonetheless.

I personally have changed my diet drastically since I began this journey, but from an outsiders perspective, it may not always be as noticeable. One has to remember that everything from vitamins (which I take daily) to smoking (which I do not do) and more, it all effects the drive; what comes from within. We do not tend to purposefully gunk our vehicles, and our bodies should be the same.

A body does need its protein (find more information at, as well as its carbs (find more information at, and finally, the hydration aspect which we should all follow. All three are important to maintaining a healthy diet/body; however, we much also remember, that not every vehicle is the same.

As always, thank you for reading and remember to never give up and push yourselves each and every day!

-Daniel E. Lopez





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