Race: Diablo Grande Spartan Weekend!

Two days of Spartan racing, coming in with another PR for 2019 made this past weekend an excellent one! March 16th and 17th, were perfect days to go out and run at Diablo Grande, especially with our crazy rainy weather lately here in California, so it was nice also coming in nearly fifteen minutes faster on Saturday’s Spartan Super, compared to my previous fastest Super.


The obstacles were great, but their newest addition, the Pipe Lair, was a complete joke. It seemed like a little kids obstacle that was accidentally misplaced. However, I would have to say that for someone barely beginning, this would definitely be an obstacle that would encourage people to keep going; a confidence booster if you will. Basically, it’s a bunch of pipes that you have to weave your way through, without touching the net above you or the ground below you.

My favorite obstacles, as usual, were the climbing obstacles. Being a former rock climber has definitely prepared me for these, but now I need to build more upper body strength for future obstacles like the giant flip tires at the Spartan Beasts.


Sunday’s Sprint was actually much tamer than I aspected, especially for a Spartan, but it was a perfect little run to do with others. I enjoyed helping individuals along the way, in addition to my fiance who finds Spartan to be quite difficult.

This was just the beginning for March, this coming weekend I will have another RUGGED MANIAC with my OCR racers and fiance, followed by the Sketchers Performance L.A. Marathon on Sunday, which will be my first ever full-marathon! All of my training up until this point has prepared more than enough for my current level, but we will find out on Sunday if my current conditioning is enough for bigger distances. I cannot wait!

Until the next entry, remember to never give up and push yourselves each and every day!

-Daniel E. Lopez

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