Race: Tough Mudder Los Angeles!

Last weekend I completed another Tough Mudder, the “Los Angeles” run, and this time without any issues getting in. Glen Helen Raceway was a perfect venue, the Tough Mudder company has chosen their locations quite carefully to fit their obstacle races.

Although I was not feeling 110%, probably from going so hard lately without taking any breaks, I still managed to push through the course and finished strong. I started a bit slow, but managed to build momentum and then began helping others at tough obstacles.

IMG_0843 - Edited

As I have mentioned before, one thing the Tough Mudder has that most races do not is plenty of obstacles where individuals have to work as a team to complete…even the most athletic individuals cannot complete these obstacles without some help, which is why I love their events.

Once again, I would definitely recommend these runs for athletes/individuals who just want to get out there to have fun and who are not worried about beating any timers, because the Tough Mudder group does not believe in timing races, but rather challenging individuals to push themselves to their limits.

Now that I have another race down, I must continue training for all the rest coming up! In about a month I have another Spartan Beast, followed by a Spartan Super near my home, and then the final OCR Club race for this school year, the Terrain Racing San Jose event, the race that started it all for my group of athletes!

Until the next entry, remember to never give up and push yourselves each and every day!

-Daniel E. Lopez

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