Training, “Dieting,” and Coaching!

With so many races this year, I have come a long way with my training, and “dieting.” Oh and let’s not forget my coaching, because of my OCR Club this year I have grown even more so. I now train more because of my athletes, which is great for me, and in part, great for them. Having a workout room at the school has been amazing, I am blessed to have had so many donations this school year, and now the school will have a workout room for years to come! It’s exciting knowing that my kids and I built it from scratch.


Now as for my dieting, I have begun to focus more on carboloading for my constant running and eating plenty of protein to build mass, but the running part burns most of it, so it’s been a bit tough to get bigger. As I have said before, an individual can eat pretty much whatever they want, but their bodies will react to the intake which is being consumed, so a balance is important. Finding a balance is what it all comes down to at the end (foodwise and exercise).

Now, moving on from the nutritional talk, I cannot wait for all the upcoming races this year has to offer and to see how my OCR athletes, and now track stars, finish up the school year. There’s a lot of running left to do, but that just means that I must stay consistent with my training.

Currently, I am doing extremely well in regards to my running and cardio training, but I need to up my weight training. I cannot rely simply on my speed and legs, I need upper body strength as well to be able to get myself through the obstacles at the obstacle races, but there’s still time to prepare for all that!

Until the next entry, remember to never give up and push yourselves each and every day!

-Daniel E. Lopez

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