Race: Monterey Spartan Weekend!

Yet another two days of Spartan racing for 2019, with another PR for this past Saturday’s Spartan Super. June 1st and 2nd were both excellent running days out in Toro Park, in Monterey County. Not only were the days perfect, but I also managed to move with ease through the obstacles. Sure, going uphill is never any fun, but racing down the hills was a blast as always!

I enjoyed all the obstacles once again, except Pipe Lair, again, and maybe the tire flips, but at least that obstacle and I have history/a reason for me to hate it…however, I will not get into that story today (I’ll save it for another day).

Overall, I think these two Spartans were an excellent way to judge how I will be doing in September’s Spartan Beast Tahoe! I managed to push through all challenges and as always had a lot of fun doing it!

Other than a few smaller obstacle courses, a Spartan Stadion, and Radical ’80s 10K over the summer, I do not have any big races from now until Tahoe, so while I won’t be killing myself from now until then, I will continue to train consistently and will continue to challenge myself each and every day!

Until the next entry, remember to never give up and push yourselves!

– Daniel E. Lopez

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