Race: Terrain Racing Inland Empire 2019!


Where to start with this event from last weekend…while the course was more to my liking, compared to the previous San Jose event, there were plenty of issues from the moment I arrived. First of all, I waited for over an hour to get into the parking area, then as I was getting out, the local police officers began to turn people around, telling them that the event had been canceled for any further racers. However, my group and I continued to walk to the registration table to get our bibs, only to be told the same thing…mind you, at this point I had already paid $20 for parking, so I asked if I could at least look around the festival area after traveling several hours to get to this event and thankfully they said it was okay.

The heat was so extreme apparently that multiple individuals had to be rushed out because of heat-related problems, so I understood the reasoning behind the decision, but I was still determined to run the course and go through some obstacles.

I managed to sneak around the start with the last wave as they were telling individuals that no more runners would be allowed onto the course. I of course train and participate in all weather conditions, and know to stay hydrated no matter what the conditions are, so I managed to get by no problem. However, we did see individuals suffering from the heat, so we did our best to give them water and so forth.

Other than that, the course was pretty exciting and unlike other Terrain Racing events I have done before. Personally, to me, it felt a bit Spartanesque, which is saying a lot about the quality of the obstacles and such.

I managed to finish, get my shirt and medal and drive back home, which took me about six hours, so all in all, it was a crazy day, but I am glad I went, and now I have more medals to add to my collection!

Now that this race is over and done with I will continue to train, completing a summer workout challenge that my OCR athletes came up with, and much more! I will also be waiting to complete a few other fun 5Ks coming up in the next several weeks!

Until the next entry, remember to never give up and push yourselves each and every day!

– Daniel E. Lopez


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